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How do i disable the endpoint without opening the console everytime?

Tom Nolan Jan-8th, 2020 7:12
The endpoint only has the option to update and scan. I am not able to disable the antivirus or firewall

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  • Administrator Aug-3rd, 2018 10:22


    Endpoint's Antivirus settings and configuration shall be implemented by administrator to restrict the access to Antivirus settings to users. If administrator finds that users may disable or enable Antivirus protection on their own which can be implemented by following below steps. 

    - Login to K7 Enterprise Security Console

    - Navigate to "Manage Clients

    - Choose "Policy"

    - Select the respective policy wherein to allow users the access to turn off Antivirus protection and click on "Edit"

    -  Click on "Client Privileges"  and Enable "Disable/Enable AntiVirus Protection"

    - Save the policy. 

    Once the policy is synced, users shall get the option to Disable/Enable Antivirus protection. 

    Note: Firewall settings cannot be Disabled/Enabled by users.