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I use internet using a proxy server and how do i add the proxy details in the K7 product.

Aaron Muna Aug-3rd, 2018 14:13
Only one system in our network has internet connectivity and i want the update to be connected from that machine.

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  • Ajay Kumar Aug-3rd, 2018 14:13

    I feel like you have 2 queries:

    1) How to add proxy server details in K7 products?
    2) How to push updates from one system to other systems which is not connected to internet?

    1. Open K7 product-> Click on Update-> Click on Configure Update-> Select the option "Access internet through Proxy server" and enter your proxy details-> Click on OK.

    2. Open K7 product -> Click on Update-> Click on Configure Update-> Select the sequence-> Select Option "Use K7 Local Update Server Only" , Enter the Ip address details of computer which is connected through internet under option"When updating through K7 local updater server".

    Please do the 2nd step on system which is not connected through Internet and make sure they are in the same network. Also, go to the server system (which has internet) and click on "Start K7 local server" from start menu.