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KRAB Ransomware precautions

Syed Rafi Aug-21st, 2018 11:58
What is the precaution needs to be take to over come KRAB Ransomware

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  • Ajay Kumar Aug-21st, 2018 11:58

    K7 has multi-layer of protection which protects you from zero-day malware. K7 has both file-based and behavior-based detections for KRAB ransomware family. You may follow the below precautions to prevent Ransomware attacks:

    (i) Stay up-to-date with a reputed security product like K7 Total Security.
    (ii) Ensure the operating system is up to date, especially security updates.
    (iii) Ensure the security patches for SMB exploits have been applied (MS17-010).
    (iv) Never open unsolicited files received via email.
    (v) There are several malware campaigns including ransomware campaigns that scan the internet randomly for unsecured RDP. Hence it is advisable to either disable or secure the RDP (Remote desktop) on your computer/network.
    (vi) Restrict access to Vssadmin.exe (this is mostly used to delete shadow copies in a disk volume by most ransomware families) so that backup copies won’t be deleted by the malware using it.