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Ransomware issue

Syed Rafi May-5th, 2020 9:04
Any new ransomware is reported, what is the general precaution method needs to be taken to over come the ransomware issue

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  • Mohankumar sekar May-5th, 2020 9:04

    all file type changed qewe format , kindly please do favour

  • Ajay Kumar Aug-21st, 2018 11:51

    K7 has multi-layer of protection which protects you from zero-day malware. You may follow the below precautions to prevent Ransomware attacks:

    (i) Keep your Anti-Virus product up-to-date.
    (ii) Make sure that all systems and software are up-to-date with relevant patches.
    (iii) Don't provide personal information when answering an email, unsolicited phone call, text message or instant message.
    (iv) Don't open any mail attachment received from the unknown source or click on any link.
    (v) Maintain a regular backup of your important Data.
    (vi) Don't install or Download unknows software.