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What is the purpose of Custom Install?

Aaron Muna Jan-8th, 2020 7:02
During installation i found two option, quick install and custom install. What is the difference between them and which is the preferred mode of installation?

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  • Diwan chowthry Jan-8th, 2020 7:02

    Hey Jason,

    Other AV Security products will obisvilys conflict with K7.

    Running multiple antivirus at the same time will not give you more security, it will just slow down the PC as well as conflict with current AV and disable it.

    I would suggest not to use multiple AV at same time.

    Thank you :)

  • Jason Bourne Jul-25th, 2019 20:14

    Are there any AV or antimalware security products that is not compatible with K7 at the moment?

  • Ajay Kumar Aug-6th, 2018 9:15

    Custome install, prescan the system and remove the infection if any. Also, it checks if any existing Anti-virus is installed in the system.

    I recommend choosing "Quick install" mode as this will start scanning your system once installation is successful and also its take very less time to gets complete compare to "Customer install".