Advisory issued on 5th December, 2017

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In K7 Security Products before, user-controlled input to the K7Sentry device is not sufficiently authenticated: a local user with a LOW integrity process can access a raw hard disk by sending a specific IOCTL.


List of affected products

K7 Consumer Products & K7 Endpoint Security Products

Fixed Version

K7 Computing recommends that all customers upgrade to below specified version:

K7 Anti-Virus Plus (15.1.0308), K7 Anti-Virus Premium (15.1.0314), K7 Internet Security (15.1.0297), K7 Ultimate Security (15.1.0324), K7 Total Security (15.1.0324), K7Total Security Plus - (16.0.0131) & K7Endpoint-14.2.0137


We would like to extend our thanks to Paul Jeavons for reporting these bugs to K7 Computing Private Ltd.


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