How to activate 3 users license key

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After successful installation of K7 Software you can activate your product from the alert or from the K7Antvirus Software Main Console.


To activate your product with a serial number from the alert:

1. Click the Next button on the Product activation screen.

2. If you have purchased the subscription click on the radio option I have purchased the subscription and have a valid serial number.

3. Enter the Activation details, your Name, Email address.

4. Enter the Serial Number of your product and click Next.


5. In the confirmation screen if you want to change any details click the Back button and make sure you are connected to the Internet .Select Next button to proceed activation.


6. On successful Activation, you will receive your account information and License validity details.


Note: Since it is a 3user key, the validity will get starts for all the 3 users from the day of first activation.


We request you to use the same Serial Number for all the 3 Pc and use the same Email id and the Password for activating for the remaining 2 users.


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