How to activate K7 product without internet?

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1.Open the K7 Security Product and click on activate.

2. Once you get the message “Activation Fail – Internet Connection not present” as shown in Fig. Select "Use offline activation for system that do not connect to internet" and click on Retry


3. Proceed for activation, by entering the necessary information and click on Next
4. Please make a note of the System ID displayed on the activation screen.


5. Using a system that has an internet connection, go to the K7 Offline Activation page as mention below.

6. Once you open the above link, enter your Serial number and the System ID and click Proceed.


7. You will get the product Offline Activation code which will be displayed on the screen.

8. Make a note of this code and enter the same on the Offline Activation screen by choosing the option "I have the Activation code obtained from the website".

9. Once you have entered activation code in K7 window you will get Activation successful message.


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