How to update K7 products from local update server

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To update K7 products without internet from the K7 local updater server, network must meet the below requirements:

1. The computer which intended to use as "Local update server "called as Server machine and it should be connected to internet and "K7 Automatic updates should be turn on ". Also Server machine should be configure with Static IP (DHCP disable).

2. All the Client computers should be connected to Server machine through LAN connection. Internet connection is not necessary for client computers. DHCP can be enable for the Client machines.

Configuration at Server machine:

1. Go to “C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsK7UltimateSecurityLocal Update Server” and click on Start Server in order to start local update service.

2. Click on OK once below Popup appears.

3. Note down the Server Machine IP address and Hostname

Configuration at Clients machine:

Please follow the below instructions to configure "Local update server Settings" in all the Client computers

1. Open K7 Application from System Tray/Desktop shortcut

2. Click on Update and then click on Configure Update

3. Select the Sequence as “Use K7 Local Update Server, If not present, use internet

4. Enter the IP address or hostname of the Server machine in “When updating through Local K7 update server” option

5. Click on OK and Go to Settings
6. Click on General Settings and remove tick mark from “Enable Product Self-protection”
7. Click on Close and select the time period for 15 Minutes and click on Yes.
8. Run the Local Update Setter tool from here in the client machine.
9. Click on SET Key once below Popup appears.

10. Click on Close once below Popup appears.

11. Run the Update in Client machine.

Important Notes:

- K7 Local updater server uses 7070 port. Ensure that 7070 port is available in the Server machine and 7070 port is allowed for Client to server communication.

- If the Server Machine (K7 Local update Server) is running on dynamic IP, then enter the Hostname of the machine instead of IP.


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