What are the features available in K7 Mobile Security?

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1. Total protection: Smart software that updates itself against latest virus and automatically scans devices - its internal data, external cards and downloaded apps for malware / spyware / adware / Trojans.

2. On demand / scheduled scanner: K7 Mobile Security Scanner protects your device from viruses and other malware; it lets you scan the application found in the entire device including the SD card. Virus definition updates keeps your anti-virus database up-to-date, Any apps that gets installed goes through a scan automatically.

3. Anti-theft mechanism: K7 Mobile Security Anti-Theft protects information from unauthorized use if the device is lost or stolen as well as helps you to locate the device and allows you to remotely turn on the alarm, lock the device, determine its location, wipe device data, and take a picture of the person currently using your device.

When the SIM card is replaced or the device is turned on without a SIM card, Anti-Theft can send you the new phone number of the device in an SMS message or email, or lock the device.

4. Contact blocker: Call / SMS Filter helps you to block and allow calls and SMS only from referred contact. Unsolicited calls and SMS could be blocked.

5. Web filtering: The latest Web Protection to block malicious websites distributing malicious codes and fake (phishing) websites from stealing confidential data from your devices.

6. Privacy adviser: Availability of extensive reports to keep you informed on your installed applications and how they may be using/abusing your personal data (location / messages / calls).

7. Backup and Restore: Makes a secure backup copy of all your contacts and messages, so you can easily restore them to any other mobile whenever you like.


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