Error reported from the local update server, Ensure that you have internet on local update server and try running the update again or Last error 0

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  1. Make sure Clients are able to ping K7 Enterprise Console System.
  2. If yes, please cache from C:program dataK7computingK7WSCache folder and check.
  3. If the issue persists, Kindly check whether K7 console system has internet access or not.
  4. If internet connection present, check whether any proxy or gateway firewall such as Fortigate, Cyber Roam Etc is being used.
  5. If yes, please allow the below URLs into the allowed list and check

  6. Also, make sure that .dat extension files are allowed to download under content filtering of the gateway firewall.
  7. Even if the update fails, kindly restart the K7 Web Server (z3) from services.msc and try updating the product.
  8. If K7 Enterprise Server IP has been changed, please try to revert the same IP or try re-activating the clients by using K7EndPtSecSrvEditor.exe.

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