K7 Mobile Security Activation Window Shows Blank

Administrator May-11th, 2021 7:39 1 0

Scenario:- While activating the K7 Mobile Security License key, you may get blank screen in K7 Mobile Security app rather than the column to enter details. This happens because of font size is set to large.

Steps to follow:

Step 1 - Open Mobile “Settings”.

Step 2 - Click / Tap on Display Option.

Step 3 - Choose Font Size and then select Small or Medium.

Step 4 - Select Text Size and choose Small or Medium.

Step 5 - Apply the changes and re-open K7 Mobile Security and proceed the activation.

(The steps may vary based on the Mobiles brand and model and its Operating system version. Look for the appropriate option to change the font size to small or medium from the Device Settings menu)

Note: If the issue persists or you need any assistance, you may raise ticket at Submit a Ticket and Our Support Team will get in touch with you shortly to assist you.


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