Unable to use VPN

Administrator Jan-30th, 2022 6:33 0 0

Scenario: After enabling VPN, browsing might not work when K7 Antivirus is enabled. This will happen only after enabling any third-party VPN or proxy service.

Steps to follow:

1. Open K7 and click on Settings on the top. 

2. Click on General Settings and then Removing a tick from " Enable Deep Network Monitor" 

3. And close the window and re-check the issue or restart and verify the issue. It will get fixed. 

4. If you are using VPN, you have to use K7 by disabling this proxy in order to use a third-party VPN. 

Note: If the issue persists or you need any assistance, you may raise a ticket at Submit a Ticket, and Our Support Team will get in touch with you shortly to assist you.


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