How to Configure the VLAN

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Description: VLAN’s can be used to create broadcast domains which eliminate the need of expensive routers. Periodically, sensitive data may be broadcasted on a network. In such cases, placing only those users who can have access to that data on a VLAN can reduce the chances of an outsider gaining access to the data.

Steps for the VLAN configuration:

1. Login to K7 Security UTM
2. Click the Configuration and navigate to Network Settings tab and Select VLAN  and click on ADD
3. Configure the VLAN connection type as Static (Fixed IP) and provide details as per the requirement.
4. Select network zone to publish the VLAN.
5. Select the interface which needs to act as trunk eg: trunk Port –> LAN-1 and enter the VLAN Id eg: VLAN ID : 100.
6. In case of DHCP server environment, Please view the article How to Configure DHCP.
7. If additional IP needs to be published in same VLAN Select Enable.
Refer article: IP aliases information How to configure the IP Alias.

After making the necessary configuration, Click Save and Restart Service.

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