Unable to Share the Network

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Senario1: Sharing not working in a public network

Description: Unable to share the network if firewall profile is public.

Steps to Follow:

1. Open - Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsNetwork and Sharing Center.

    2. Check the network name if it is showing as Airtel or network1,network5, Etc.

    3. Open K7 - Settings - Firewall - Connections - Change from the Public network to Work network.


    4. Click on the network icon on the system tray

    5. Select the network which is connected.

    6. Once the network is selected it will redirect to the system network settings page.

      7. Select private and close the settings window and you can verify the issue.

      Senario2: Sharing not working after changing to work network and after restart gets change back to the public network

      1. Please open - Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Network and Sharing Center.

      2. Verify the networks which are using also LAN which is sharing and WIFI for internet connection as mentioned below.

      3. Once identified the networks please check any unidentified network available, If it is available, it will show as the Public network.
      4. To change into Work network open run command and type secpol.msc and enter.

      5. Inside the secpol.msc select network list manager policies.
      After selecting network list manager policies it will show you the list of networks which are using.

      7. Right-click on the unidentified network and select network location.

      8. Choose Location type as Private then click on OK and restart the system and verify the issue.

      Senario3: Unable to open secpol.msc to change the network.

      1. If secpol.msc is not open we can change the network profile from the registry location.

      2. Open Run command and type REGEDIT click ok to open the registry.

      3. Once the registry is open, Navigate to the below location.

      4. Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionNetwork ListProfiles

      5. Under profile, it will show us the list of networks to which are connected.

      6. Search and identify then click on the network, on the right side, you will get options as below.

      7. Set the Category parameter to one of the following values

         * 0 is Public Network

         * 1 is Private Network.

      8. Double click on the category and change the value data as “1”

      9. Close the registry restart the system to verify the issue.


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